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Common Sense Covid Related Legislation

A box of Ivermectin in a pharmacy as a pharmacist works in the background, Thursaday Sept. 9, 2021, in GA. Mike Stewart, AP.

I'm not a doctor and I will not even try to argue the overall effectiveness of any of the medications or vaccines related to COVID-19. I am aware however, that the prevailing message being espoused related to Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine is that they are unproven for use in COVID patients, which is true, they are unproven. And, if they do have any value in fighting COVID, it is minimal. Even if that is accurate and the benefit, if any, is minimal, the pushback in giving either of those medications to someone who has no other options and will likely lose their battle with COVID regardless, makes absolutely no sense. I applaud Representative Mary Whiteford for sponsoring a common-sense bill to allow patients that are overwhelmingly likely to succumb to COVID the option to try medicines that are not considering part of the primary treatment regimen for COVID.

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