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The Electoral College was Created for a Reason, Don't Let the Democrats Throw it Away.

Michigan Democrats have introduced House Bills #4156 and #4440 and Michigan Senate Bills #0295 and #0126, which are intended to undermine our constitutionally created Electoral College system.

When the Electoral College system was created, the founders of this country had just finished fighting and watching their friends and family members die on the battlefields of our nation in order to earn the freedom we have come to know. Because they were acutely aware of the cost of earning that freedom, they wanted to ensure that future generations would never have to pay that price again, so they created the Electoral College system. It protects future generations from what's been referred to as the "tyranny of the majority." This is a type of tyranny that results from an election based purely on a national popular vote.

The Electoral College system empowers even the smallest areas of our nation by removing the incentive for politicians to give all of their attention, and funneling all of the tax-dollars, to only the population dense areas.

I've attached a short video (less than five minutes), which explains more clearly and concisely than I am able. Please, if you don't understand the Electoral College and why it's important, take a few minutes and watch this video, it breaks it down beautifully.

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