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The Time to Prepare for This is Now

Michigan residents, like those in the rest of the country, are completely dependent on a functioning electrical system in order to live - literally. Without it, grocery stores close and the food we already have cannot be refrigerated. We cannot heat our homes or make purchases (since most people rely on cards, not cash). So, what if our electrical system was suddenly gone for a week or more? That scenario is not only horrifying, it is also a very real possibility.

Despite our experience in the Midwest blackout of 2003, Michigan and our electrical grid remains woefully unprepared. Our country, as well as foreign governments, have suffered recent cyber-attacks against electrical, water-treatment, and fuel-supply systems. The time to prepare is not after it happens, it is now. We need leaders that recognize our vulnerabilities before they are exploited and have plans to address them. Or, better yet, assist our residents in preparing for them so they are no longer dependent on government for solutions.

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