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Transgender Athletes and Girls' Sports

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Improving our schools is a topic that is very important to me. They need to be made safer and they need to be made academically rigorous; the institutions of mediocrity that they are now will not help our children thrive in the uncertain world that they will face. It was my (apparently overoptimistic) belief that focusing on just these two areas would be sufficient to ensure our schools were giving our kids the education that they deserve. But recently a third area has come to light and that area cannot be ignored – biological boys competing in girls’ sports.

Thanks to Democrats and their constant push to impose their emotion-based views of sex and gender on our children and society, the topic of transgenderism and girls’ sports has come to dominate our news feeds. Because this topic impacts our children, especially girls, I believe that your elected officials, or those hoping to hold public office, owe their constituents a clearly articulated statement of their views related to the topic.

Title-9 was a literal game-changer for girls’ sports. Prior to that, they were treated as an afterthought. Since its passage, girls’ sports programs have thrived. They have given girls the opportunity to build self-confidence and athleticism through fair competition and the pride in accomplishment that comes with it. It has also brought scholarship opportunities and bright futures for many young ladies. Now, we have biological boys and men, whether intentionally or not, depriving our daughters of these accomplishments and opportunities. What’s worse is that the practice is being condoned and even encouraged by school administrators – they’ve set girls sports back decades and are proud of it.

This is not a post against anyone who is transgender. People, in this country at least, have the right and freedom to live anyway they choose. People who are transgender should be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. But understanding their desires and attempting to accommodate them, when possible, is not the same as disregarding the rights of all others and restructuring basic elements of our entire society to do so.

The long and short of the matter is that individuals, whether male or female, may feel masculine or feminine. But those feelings do not transfer to their biological sex. Society functions on biological sex because there are inherent and undeniable physical differences between the biological sexes. Lockers rooms, restrooms, and other areas, including school sports, have been, and should remain, classified by biological sex and not the feelings of masculinity or femininity of those participating or using a particular facility.

We must defend the rights of girls to compete in a fair and even environment; reserved for biological women. This is common-sense and it is shocking that we’ve gotten to a point in society where it even needs to be stated.

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