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What's Happening to Rogan Should Concern Us All

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Update: It's come to my attention that Joe Rogan has been accused of making controversial and racially charged statements in the past. I have no idea of the validity of those accusations nor is the allegation relevant to this post. The post below is related to freedom of information and speech and the persecution of those that speak contrary to the mainstream narrative. The post uses the attack on him for hearing opposing scientific viewpoints as the vehicle to make my point and is not a post either for or against him as an individual.

As a Constitutional conservative, I like to use situations like this to make clear the distinction between liberal and leftist (aka “progressive”). If you are for freedom, which includes free speech and open dialogue, you should be voting Republican. That is because leftists (aka “progressives”) have taken over the Democratic Party. They will shut down anyone who dares disagree with their “all-knowing” views.

Joe Rogan simply interviewed two people who are very prominent in their fields, one of whom, Dr.Robert Malone, was a pioneer in the development of the mRNA vaccines used in the COVID response. Both individuals express concerns related to the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Anyone can disagree with their conclusions but to dismiss and demonize experts because their conclusions differ from most of their colleagues is sad. I challenge anyone to watch the interviews in question and say they weren’t a useful exchange of information.

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