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Police Cars

As a police officer for nearly twenty-five years, Kevin Counts understands what it takes to make our neighborhoods safe. Like many of you, Kevin has become more and more concerned by the “progressive” left’s calls to defund the police. We now have good police officers left feeling demonized and attacked, politics deciding what laws will be prosecuted, and a criminal justice system that neither punishes nor reforms.

As our next State Representative, Kevin Counts will do everything within his power to ensure that our public safety officials are fully funded, our neighborhoods are safe, and we protect those who protect us.

Teacher and Pupil
prioritizing EDUCATION

Our education system has deteriorated. Many of our quality teachers are unsupported, face an impossible teaching environment, compounded by the consequences of COVID restrictions, and many are choosing to leave the profession. Our State’s test scores are declining and our students are struggling as a result. Our parents now wonder and worry daily about the safety of their children due to the constant threat of violence in our schools. Kevin Counts understands that it is time we stop the political rhetoric, start supporting our teachers and make our kids’ safety and education a priority.

As our next State Representative, Kevin Counts will work to ensure that every child will be safe at school and will be able to read proficiently by 4th grade. He will work to bolster the teaching industry and fight to provide parents with a choice if their school is failing their children.

Truck and Warehouse

As a small business owner, Kevin Counts has seen firsthand the damage government can do to businesses and our economy. Throughout the COVID pandemic, we witnessed our government pick which businesses succeed and which fail. We saw politicians force businesses to close their doors for months on end and increased regulations and failed policies that brought our supply chain to a halt and drove inflation to record highs.

As our next State Representative, Kevin Counts will work to remove flawed policies that slowed our supply chain and will fix unintended loopholes in the law that have given politicians too much power.

Cloudy Day

As a boater and an outdoorsman, Kevin Counts understands that our lands and lakes are our most precious resource. Kevin recognizes that we must rebuild and expand our failing infrastructure if we are to meet the needs of the 21st century and protect our environment.

We must restore or update our water and sewage infrastructure in order to stop untreated wastewater from flowing into our waterways. We must work with electrical providers to responsibly transition to cleaner energy sources and to update our antiquated power grid in order to protect it from malicious cyber-attack and to accommodate our ever-expanding electrical needs.

Kevin also understands that the state must play a prominent role in rebuilding and protecting our waterfront.  We must develop a partnership with the private sector to ensure that properties like the former McClouth Steel plant are safely remediated and given new life so that all downriver residents can enjoy our beautiful shorelines and waterways.

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